The Partnership


The partnership brings together universities, VET centers, organizations active in migrant integration, and public authorities from 7 countries. The level and type of intercultural mediation training and services provided in the countries of the partnership differ greatly, which is expected to contribute to an active exchange of good practices.



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Olympic Training and Consulting Ltd.

Riga Feraiou 113
27100 Pyrgos Ilias

Contact person:
Akrivi-Irene Panagiotopoulou
Tel: +30 210 5909 780
Email: olyathens(at)


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BEST Institut für Berufsbezogene Weiterbildung
und Personaltraining GmbH

Mariahilfer Straße 8
Α-1070 Wien

Contact person:
Karin Kronika
Tel: +43 1 585 5050




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Intercultural Mediation and Policy Support Unit, DG Healthcare Federal Public Service Health,
Food Chain Safety and Environment

Eurostation, Blok II 1DO1A
Victor Hortaplein 40 (bus 10)
1060 Brussel

Contact person:
Hans Verrept
Tel: +32 (0)2 524 8607




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BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für
internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH

(BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency GmbH)

Pohlstraße 67
DE-10785 Berlin

Contact person:
Grazyna Wittgen
Tel: +49 30 8099 4114
Email: wittgen(at)




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Hellenic Open University

Parodos Aristotelous 18, Perivola
26335 Patras

Contact person:
Dr. Achilles Kameas
Tel: +30 2610 367964
Email: info(at)




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Programma Integra società cooperativa sociale

Via Assisi, 41
00181 Rome

Contact person:
Nicoletta Basili
Tel: +39 0678850299
Email: n.basili(at)

Laura Bianconi

Email: l.bianconi(at)




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Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawla II w Krakowie

ul. Kanonicza 25
31002 Krakow

Contact person:
Dr. Krzysztof Gurba
Tel: +48 124218416




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Lisbon Municipal Police of the Municipality of Lisbon

Rua Careal Saraiva
1070 045 Lisboa

Contact person:
Cláudia Santa Cruz
Tel: +35 1217225200

Mónica Diniz
Tel: +351 217225200 / +351 217225214
Email: monica.diniz(at)

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